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fail compilations are my nightmares). You’re a dentist? Nigh

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Seems like the Lions took a step back on Thursday." Detroit Lions NewsDetroit Lions Training CampDetroit Lions-Houston Texans joint practice recaps Eli Harold Jersey , highlights: Rough day for LionsNew,67commentsSeems like the Lions took a step back on Thursday. EDTAfter what seemed like a mostly positive day for the Detroit Lions on Wednesday, it appears the Houston Texans struck back during the teams’ second joint-practice session on Thursday. Pride of Detroit was not on hand again for Thursday’s practice, but here are all of the notable observations from the other beat writers on hand. For full recaps, check out these sources:MLive’s Kyle Meinke: Matthew Stafford throws 2 picks in tough day for offenseFreep’s Dave Birkett: Leaders emerging for No. 4, 5 WR spots in HoustonDetroit News’ Justin Rogers: Texans intercept Matthew Stafford three’s John Harris: Harris Hits: Training Camp Day 15Houston Chronicle’s John McClain: Takeaways from Day 15 of Texans campLions offense strugglesAs two Lions beat writers noted in their headlines, it sounded like it was a rough day for Matthew Stafford and company. With Marvin Jones Jr. back in Detroit and Danny Amendola taking the day off, Stafford didn’t appear to have the chemistry with his backup receivers, and it resulted in some ugly possessions. From Rogers:The news may have been worse for the Lions’ offensive line against a stout Texans defensive front, especially for right tackle Rick Wagner:Yikes.Patricia/Watt dust upAs briefly explained in the last tweet above, Lions head coach Matt Patricia and Texans defensive end J.J. Watt got into a bit of a verbal spat. Here’s how Meinke tells the story:People love conflict during these joint practices, but it doesn’t sound like there was much here.Defense wasn’t any betterThough Detroit continues to be without a handful of their best defensive players Ricky Wagner Jersey , it seems like Thursday was a particularly rough day for the Lions defense. From Harris:Yikes. But it wasn’t all bad for the Lions’ defense. According to several Lions beat writers, Thursday was a good day for Devon Kennard—someone we haven’t heard much from in camp. “In one-on-one pass rush drills, Devon Kennard was a standout among Detroit’s defenders,” Rogers wrote. “He blew around offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson on the first rep, then easily got by guard Martinas Rankin with a swim move on a second snap, rushing from an inside alignment.”Injury updatesThough Damon Harrison Sr. was activated from the Non-Football Injury list, both he and Trey Flowers did not participate in any team drills. In better news, Jarrad Davis returned to practice after almost two weeks off, though he, too, did not do team drills. During practice, it appears the Lions suffered a couple injuries. Running back C.J. Anderson limped off the field at one point Anthony Zettel Jersey , but no beat writers provided any sort of update after this:Additionally, third-string offensive tackle Matt Nelson was apparently carted off late in practice, per Meinke. HighlightsIt seems like teams may have cut down on highlights from fans and media from Day 2, so all we have are the highly-sanitized official highlights from the Lions:Lions vs. Packers: What Just Happened? Hello hi what’s up Kellie Rowe here stepping in for Mike Payton with What Just Happened for the Detroit Lions game against the Green Bay Packers. And although he wouldn’t let me put an expletive in the title of this one right after “What the” because apparently this is a dictatorship, I’m happy to be here. Welcome to Ford Field aka Bizarro World where pretty much everything goes right for the Lions the first time in the history of ever.This win tested Lions fans’ skepticismWhen you were little, did your parents ever treat you so nicely, you knew something bad was coming? First they brought you pizza rolls in bed SCORE, then they got a few decks of Pokemon cards, then Tommy was allowed to sleep over, then BOOM—they sit you down and tell you Scruffy has to “go away to your aunt’s farm.”THIS IS WHAT THE FIRST HALF FELT LIKE. The Lions have had close games in the past, but I have never sweat more as that half. I just sat there with a permanent o_O face waiting for the other shoe to drop.Players making plays. Great passes and great receptions. Defense! Refs making calls in Lions favor. It was great. A little... too great.I know about 90 percent of Lions fans were quick not to rub it in anyone’s face, knowing there was still plenty of time to blow it. And although an angry Aaron Rodgers made a small comeback Miles Killebrew Jersey , things did not end up going the way we were afraid they would. That feels pretty good.Kenny Golladay is really good at footballI’m not sure if you know this, but Kenny Golladay is really good at football. A touchdown and four receptions for 98 yards in an array of beautiful catches. He was no doubt a star in this game—what an absolute weapon. Would’ve added another TD right off the bat if not for the Frank Ragnow penalty for illegal use of hands. During this 60-yard reception, I’ll be more than disappointed if Kenny didn’t release a Nelson “HA-HA” when stiff arming Clinton-Dix in the face. (Tate would’ve. Hehe that guy.)Can’t wait til that’s a gif. “Me holding off my Sunday scaries,” amirite?Anywho, Kenny G is becoming as reliable as knowing for a fact that when Sweet Caroline comes on, a pack of drunk guys with pitchers in hand will appear and belt “BUM BUM BUMMMMMM.” Swing and a missThe wind in the Ford Field dome was especially testy this Sunday afternoon as Mason Crosby misses not one, not two, not three, but four FG attempts AND an extra point. You guys will love this: After Matt Prater missed one of his field goals, get a load of this Packers fanohsweetiebabyno. All in good semi-passive aggressive fun. Crosby’s misses were so perplexing after I believe the third miss, it caused reporters to analyze his shoes. Not his form, but his shoes. “He WAS wearing a neon one. now he’s wearing a black one. Now we’ll have to see which one he returns with.”I’m not an expert kicker but if he just wore Sketcher Shape Ups like I do Nick Bellore Jersey , maybe he’d have better luck—I’m just saying.I was not expecting Joe Montana to be in that commercial.Anyway, no one will agree with me here because you’re straight savages ,but there was a point I felt bad for this guy because think about your recurring nightmares. I have one where I royally beef it on air (those reporter fail compilations are my nightmares). You’re a dentist? Nightmare about messing up someone’s teeth. A data entry worker? You entered data in the wrong box on your Excel spreadsheet and the whole thing is off!!!!!!! An Excel crashes!!! Your computer combusts!!! You know Crosby has recurring nightmares where he dreams he can’t kick to save his life and wakes up screaming. That game was his nightmare come to life. (You guys owe me a shot for every “He gets paid millions, do your job” comment on this article.)LeGarrette Blount used for what he was signed forDetroit’s had issues converting on third and fourth-and-1, so watching them have more success in this area was great. Blount was signed for short-yardage plays.I loved looking at Blount’s stats right after his second touchdown—2 touchdowns, 6 yards. Can’t get much shorter than 1 yard. Also, Golden Tate: Blocker? Tate as lead block facing safety Kentrell Brice while Blount inches it in. Pay the man!!!!!!Game On, CancerAnd on a serious note because I had to mention this, it appears Lions fans at Ford Field filled out “In honor of” cards with names of loved ones affected by cancer in a #GameOnCancer campaign to raise awareness. I really, really like that. Using sports to do good is awesome 10 out of 10 times. STOP CHOPPING ONIONS IN HERE, EAMONN.Alright. Good win y’all. Kellie out!

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