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demonstrated based on public records the significant gap bet

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Those $2 hot dogs aren’t the drawing card that they were supposed to be.The Falcons are struggling to fill their new home stadium. The venue went ridiculously over budget Torry Holt Jersey , and for NFL games it’s now grossly underperforming. That’s happening in large part because the team that plays there is also grossly underperforming.Consider this photo from Dan Wolken of , taken in the middle of the first quarter when the butts-in-seats ratio should be fairly high. The crowd, at best, seems sparse.According to the official game book, paid attendance for the Rams-Falcons game was 71 Orlando Pace Jersey ,856. However, the true number of fans in attendance likely falls far short of that.Earlier this year, the demonstrated based on public records the significant gap between announced attendance and actual attendance. For example, the announced attendance for the Falcons’ seventh home game in 2018 was 72,262. The actual attendance was 60 Deacon Jones Jersey ,626. For the final home game, 72,084 actually was 56,470.It will be interesting to see what the actual numbers were for the Rams game on Sunday. Whatever they were, thousands were missing out on those $2 hot dogs. The Los Angeles Rams have an explosive offense. Jared Goff is on pace for over 5 Eric Dickerson Jersey ,000 passing yards, Todd Gurley has picked up where he left off from his 2017 Offensive Player of the Year campaign, and the Rams trio of wideouts - Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp - are all on pace to eclipse 1 Marshall Faulk Jersey ,300 yards receiving. But the unsung heroes in this offense are the big guys up front, whose level of play shouldn’t but overlooked. Luckily, it’s not. Over at Pro Football Focus, they’re making an(other) appearance at No. 1 on their weekly offensive line rankings list: PFF ranked the Rams’ O-line the league’s 4th best unit after a Week 1 win in Oakland, and slid them into third after Week 2’s drubbing of the Cardinals. They first rose to No. 1 status following their win over the Chargers Nolan Cromwell Jersey , and have maintained the No. 1 ranking since. The Rams have studs up front and it appears the offense will go as they do. And so the offense is going. It’s going prettay, prettay, prettay good.

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