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Post 30 sty 2020, 5:57

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A strong, independent woman finds her balance between her inner and outer beauty. You know what she wants and is not reluctant to get it. Modern women nowadays have perseverance and self-confidence. You are able to determine your own success. Among today's power women we have models, actresses, singers, designers and business women. Women who act in political circles are also included.

More than ever, the so-called "normal women" are ready to empower women to maintain their position in today's society. They are the ones who are wanted and needed more than ever.

The Autonomy collection by Hans Beers - HAIR STAGE covers strong, independent, autonomous women. They are pretty, modern, confident, but have no followers. They give our society the color and the course. They slow down in front of traditions of beauty and the passive side and create their own kind of style. All of this can be found in their buy full lace wigs appearance, especially in the way the hair is worn. Contrasting modern colors and shapes. Certainly feminine, but not according to traditions. The autonomous woman is beautiful, but in a different way than we are used to. The autonomous woman is herself!

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