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The Mouche with its progressive design

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The Sassoon Professional Spring / Summer 213 Iconic Collection is the creative re-creation of four legendary Sassoon looks: The Mouche with its progressive design, The Nancy Kwan, ultimate definition of the graduated bob with 'A' line, The Shake, the epitome of Sassoon Layering Technique and the graduate Firefly - probably the first example of the symbiosis of Cut & Color. In 1960 Vidal Sassoon founded the visionary ABC method of cutting and coloring. Every original look became the epitome of the fusion of technical excellence and overwhelming creativity.

Even today, Sassoon still has a technically-oriented understanding that it allows the Sassoon International Creative Team to live creativity and breathe new life into the collection of iconic cuts and colors.

The classic Sassoon Cutting techniques of lines and layers are harmonized with new finishing techniques, real hair wigs products and the seasonal color palette. Particularly attractive: the combination of the iconic cuts with a faded color for a particularly soft color result

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